pacific – montecarlo MC

The first minimalist restaurant-bar in Montecarlo, Pacific is located inside the Metropole Shopping Center. It is one of the first projects for a public venue entirely developed by Delrosso, who viewed the commission for the interior décor of the restaurant/bar as an opportunity to create a somber and elegant contemporary style using various levels and amounts of light and materials.
The design of the interior is centered on the venue’s obvious essential: the bar counter. Made of white Corian, the lateral structure is lit on the upper and lower edges, making it appear ethereal and suspended as though anchored to reality by the actual counter, made of Millerighe wood (striped cross-section of layered wood). Projected upward, the counter follows an L shape that extends to a private area, enhanced by comfortable chairs.
The blend of planes that give life to the bar’s wall serve a functional purpose, creating an architectural divider that constantly harmonizes with filled and empty spaces. Heterogeneous materials form various degrees of thickness. They are united to mold a single body that incorporates the walls of the bar as well as some of the columns. The result is a sort of outer protective shell made of coarse iron that shelters a Millerighe interior. Surrounding the central bar, the restaurant area is an adaptable environment characterized by lights that makes it possible to adjust both ambience and function, depending on the time of day (evening, day or night). A soft white curtain divider can be used to create a private and intimate area, located between two iron and wood pillars, separating this area from the remaining spaces, even only partially. Lit from the top, the curtain transfers and incorporates light, generating an almost tangible quality so that the VIP area seems enveloped in spaces of light rather than enclosed within mere separators. This concept of lighting, which moves from light source to material, is re-emphasized in the lamps – designed by Davide Groppi – that illuminate the bar counter.
The furnishings, also characterized by clean, straight lines, shapes and colors, were selected to create a somberly elegant environment.
Specifically, tables in Wenge wood and padded chairs are by B&B. Though archetype of a classic style, the furniture is covered in fabric coverings that add a refined touch.

total area: 200 sqm
photo credits: Matteo Piazza