montecarlo MC

Notime restaurant in Montecarlo is the sign of a place in which time is suspended. It is the space/time of the pause, of the thought that follows paths finally detached from everyday routine. For this restaurant we first of all conceived a name that conveyed the idea of a rarefied atmosphere, we designed the logo, incorporating a video installation by the artist Fausto Mazza (a clock with the hands “gone haywire” ) and we articulated the space with wood bars arranged at irregular intervals to delimit a sort of intangible “Zen cage”. On the outside, the alter ego of the Zen cage is a light metal structure that defines a cosier and more intimate space, protected by evanescent white veils. A concern for the intangible atmosphere prompted our creation of textual panels because the time of reading is essentially the time of suspension par excellence. It is the moment when we enter into the dimension created by someone else, for which reason we positioned, within the interior, prints with quotations on the idea of Time, taken from Proust, Chaplin, Einstein…
As in our other projects, also in the Notime restaurant the harmonic colours of the decor follow the natural palette of the materials: white, black, sand and rust tones for walls, floors, tables and the restaurant counter in American birch and Corian.
The candlesticks, in glass and metal, specially designed for the restaurant, discreetly define the pattern of the tables arranged regularly in the some 300 square metres of the restaurant.

total area: 300 sqm
photo credits: Fausto Mazza