zero yacht
miami FL

Open space on the water
This catamaran was built in 1991 (55 feet in length) by the glorious Lagoon yacht-building company, known for its Oracle trimaran that won the coveted America’s Cup in 2010. The job of restyling the racing yacht was a kind of athletic challenge in itself. Any jeopardising of the vessel’s sailing performance with any alterations to the structural characteristics of the boat was clearly to be avoided. “We wanted to transform the yacht into a modern, manageable sailing vessel,” relates the architect, for this project which took him to the coasts of Miami. The yacht was placed in dry dock, dismantled, and completely redesigned, its appearance overhauled through an interplay of black, grey and white, visible throughout as in the new prow cabin, with its dark-tinted privacy glass. Furniture in grey laminate with matching upholstery throughout the deckhouse and cockpit. Dark paintwork on the original wooden interiors. Teak floors for the outside decks, and grey Bolon synthetic resin inside. The entire concept aims to enhance life onboard, transferring the principles of living style to the seas, transforming the Zero into a comfortable and minimal floating studio apartment.

photo credits: Luca Desantis