miami restaurants

Dominated by calm and relaxing atmospheres, these venues are characterized by contemporary and essential styles resulting from a harmonious blend of reassuring wood surfaces and the surprising use of fabric for the walls, materials that engage with the ever-present luminosity of natural light as well as artificial lighting, provided by lamps specially selected for each project.

Minimalist solutions also govern the architectural project for the news restaurant, Atlantic Miami, characterized by lightness and pale shades in the roomy outdoor area while darker shades prevail in the interior, where wood and enveloping forms are enriched with clear tubular lamps that shape and brighten the perimeter of the counter. Contemporary design is evident in the various elements used to enhance the context. Elegant stools with white leather seats as well as ceiling lights that spotlight each of the tables are but some of the features that contribute to a unique dining experience on Ocean Drive.

fox cafè
Delrosso adds modernity and formal purity to the deco style of Ocean Drive, an example of which is evident in the restyling project for the Italian restaurant Fox Cafè. The dark, comfortable chairs and matching tables used in the interior as well as on the spacious terrace mold a warm and inviting mood. Walls and columns are also dark, in stark contrast with the white flooring and some of the furnishings, such as the padded pillows on the sofas, which are often used instead of chairs. Interior lighting is appropriate and pleasant, forming scenic cones of light that produce a soothing effect.

cafè milano
In his restyling of the historic Italian restaurant, Cafè Milano Miami, Delrosso ideated a new concept of space by using soft, white fabric curtains that allow for flexibility, making it possible to conceal or open spaces. Made of dark wengé wood, the furnishings contribute to creating a contemporary and comfortable environment, enriched by the use of heavy ceiling lamps, capable of fashioning an intimate and friendly ambiance.

sea cafè
Bright and relaxing, the Sea Cafè Miami is a great place for breakfast….but not just. Small and cozy, its personality is centered on the use of pale but warm furnishings, the bleached oak contributing to the formal and visual lightness of the architectural design style. Covering one full wall of the restaurant, bleached wood beams add to the effect. And though supporting walls are detached, there is visual unity between them. A full-length mirror and a projection screen enlarge the spaces or they lead diners’ eyes to other spaces.

photo credits: Luca Desantis