la salière
montecarlo MC

In restyling La Saliere, a famed Italian restaurant in Montecarlo, Federico Delrosso focused on an interior design projected centered on a novel conceptuality of space and layout. This was essential in order to provide functionality and adaptability, rendering the restaurant suited to a variety of purposes.
Inside, the architect created a new lounge area, developing an alternative use of space thanks to sliding separators consisting in thin slabs of Wengé wood capable of separating without, however, concealing. Light is thus trimmed or narrowed and allowed to invade, producing an alteration of shadows and bright geometric forms.
As such, the restaurant’s various spaces become modular, easily divided and adaptable to differing needs, without sacrificing La Salière’s characterizing elegance, function and formal discreetness. Covered in soundproof “Eraclit” panels, the ecological pale walls encompass mostly Wengé wood furniture items: sold wood tables, sofas and the coverings of the walls and columns and throughout. Chairs are of a pale straw shade and their size is a pleasant compromise between spacious armchairs and mere dining chairs. Plenty of cascading, iconic chandeliers provide a warm and suffused light that enhances the ambiance.

photo credits: Luca Desantis