papermoon – casablanca MA

The concept for the new restaurant in Casablanca born from a careful analysis of the historic Papermoon restaurant in Milan. “I identified – explains Delrosso – the elements that create the atmosphere of the restaurant in Via Bagutta, historical center of Milan; to characterize, with a wide point of view, the architectural and iconographic references of Italian Style.” Delrosso eschews in fact the usual references to Italian gastronomy, in favour of seeking something Italian in the atmospheres, colours, materials and artisan care for detail.
“I created an atmosphere through few strong signs: I placed along the walls images in black and white of the fabulous 1960s to offer a memory of the beginnings of Italian design and the imagery that came to identify Italy around the world as the Bel Paese. Neutral colours, formal seatings matches with informal one for the lounge area, backlighted boiserie for a confortable environment and a hanging moon lamp as the icon of the new Papermoon restaurant.”