studio delrosso – milan IT

The room of ideas
Anyone who sets foot in the headquarters in Milan that Delrosso chose when he moved his outfit from Biella will quickly grasp the directives that steer his enterprise. The access ushers into a quiet and silent courtyard, but the large windows and the corner position on the first storey of a nineteenth-century building in the heart of the city re-situate it in a distinctly urban atmosphere. Formerly the premises was a workshop, and the architect purchased from its previous owner the old furniture for storing the materials, equipment, and neckties. So as not to alter the original classic open scheme with its iron pillars, Delrosso has introduced a series of “crates” cobbled from shipping timber. “The box is the place of dialogue and of ideas; it is the ‘new’ grafted onto to the ancient in a way that does not cancel it, while leaving open the idea of something as yet unfinished. And, when needed, its originary use can be recouped: pack up the studio and go away…”Wood and stone, memory and innovation, the tangible and the impalpable, light and shadow, free space and circumscribed space, leanness of design, welcoming warmth: all this you will find here. Fixed points in a continues becoming, a constant metamorphosis.

photo credits: Luca Desantis