primat – biella IT

Safeguarding the environment as well as researching and experimenting materials were the objectives underlying the Primat renovation project. Primat specializes in researching solutions for redeveloping historic buildings, especially through the use of natural materials. Delrosso’s project encompassed the building’s entrance, the offices and the showroom.
Entirely covered in machined wood with horizontal foil, which creates a bris soleil effect, the external façade is a perfect example of the usage of natural materials, which allow for an esthetic lightness and serve to create forms centered on thickness and depth. The objective of reducing materic weight to increase lighting was entrusted to the entrance and the iron-framed windows. Of these, a particularly large one protrudes from the architectural whole while the others, ribbon windows, are more internal. Covered in African Tec wood, the façade evidences the use of several elements: Poroton bricks, plaster toward the interior, cork surfaces and a black sheath on the exterior that amplifies the perspective of depth immediately obvious when observing the façade.
A long, narrow and illuminated pathway leads to the entrance as though the path were the ideal horizontal extension of the ribbon windows on a vertical plane, emphasizing the architect’s constant attention to formal and structural detail. Characterized by the pale tones of the walls, the resin flooring and abundant natural light, the interior is dominated by a transparent wall toward the production area and the stairway that leads to the showroom on the upper floor. Made of iron and independent of the supporting structure, the stairway is sustained by steel pins. It becomes a unifying element that harmonizes with the concept of airiness and transparency that governs the entire project.

Total area: 350 sqm
photo credits: Matteo Piazza