palpebra – table lamp
product by davide groppi

Among the many souls of artificial lighting Federico Delrosso prefers emotional light rather than technological or décor lighting.
With the inclination of the lampshade of the Palpebra table lamp that almost limits the diffusion of the light downwards, Federico Delrosso sought to recreate that buoyant and pleasant feeling of light filtering from a half-closed window, or of a bright gaze that opens slowly on the world. Of expectancy, in short, which already allows one to imagine what is coming next. Palpebra table lamp expresses a curious weightlessness with its off-balance, cone-shaped shade that offers an undefinable light source, which gets lost in its own shade. The shape hints at an old candle-hood or a megaphone, and works by contrasts. Inverting positive and negative, it cunningly captures the magic of light in the dark and conveys the thrill of contact and distance that imagination and reality often establish. Certainly, it is an intriguing piece. “I preferred to try and reduce the object’s physical impact until it almost vanishes, so as to focus more on the lighting effects it produces, because I like to toy with that range of emotions that emerge only when archetypes and light are brought together.” The name Palpebra (eyelid) cropped up of its own accord, he says, “when I thought of waking up and that magical moment before you open your eyes properly, and see light through a slit, and the threshold between sleep and waking is still blurred.”

dimensions: diameter base 16 cm x h 20.5 cm
technical details: lamps max 40 W E14; equipped with dimmer
photo credits: Fausto Mazza