candleinthewind – candle holder
product by davide groppi

“In my architectural works I tend to define even the apparently secondary details, like for example the light points on the tables of a restaurant”.
Federico Delrosso tends to take an object and subvert the reference points, adding a note of whimsy and visual illusion, as he did when he rethought the classic candle holder. Developed by Davide Groppi, this tea-light offers a minimal atmospheric glow that toys with appearances. As with a great many of his objects, this one was part of an interior design project. In this case the project was the refurbishment of the Notime restaurant in Montecarlo. “They needed a source of light for the tables, but wanted an alternative to artificial lighting, something that would harmonise discreetly with the ambience. A candle was an apt compromise, but I preferred not to resort to tradition, and so I designed a candle holder that would have a lean, reassuring outline, but would also trick you into believing, just for a moment, that it was an electric lamp.”

dimensions: diameter 5.5 cm x h 25 cm