loft fd – biella IT

Located in the heart of Biella, this spacious and bright loft is Delrosso’s residence. Functional and inviting, it is the result of an architectural project founded on respect for space, natural light and interchanges between the home’s various living areas. Sheer glass and steel create continuous, flowing zones that are enlivened by brushstrokes of light, even from atop, which contribute to sectioning the house into distinct living areas.
On the ground floor are the living room and the open kitchen, only partially separated from the living room via a low and thin steel partition. Darker hues – tobacco, brown and black – break the full white solutions used for the walls, beams and railings. The cement flooring is a pale tobacco while the window frames are stark black and the comfortable sofas in the living room are brown.
Joining the ground floor with the first floor, the thin staircase is a bright, geometric steel structure. On the first floor, the bathroom, the home’s most intimate venue, is separated from the hallway and the bedroom solely via glass walls, only a part of which are in mordant steel. Two large parallelepipeds serve as functional closets while contributing to filling and sectioning the home’s various living spaces. Slender steel poles and soft fabrics form a stylized canopy for the bed, a cozy yet unconfined and bright space.
Separating the bedroom and the balcony that overlooks the living room, white walls add airiness to the ambience. Anchored to a central pivot, the walls serve to transform, allowing for a flexible alteration of spaces in which doors can become walls upon which to hang paintings, photographs and prints, depending on need. Thus, rigidity becomes obsolete and the structures become free-flowing objects in an open space.

photo credits: Matteo Piazza