LC50 project

Architects that are invited have the goal of creating a striking and distinctive layout that embodies the “machiniste” spirit of the Master to accomplish in the windows of the showroom in via Durini Cassina 16, Milan. “The house is a machine for living” and “a chair is a machine for sitting” are the corollaries of an rationalist aesthetic, a rhetoric that is pushed towards a functionalist supremacy. These are the basic assumptions of modern design on the reproducibility of everyday objects and the aesthetic dimension of standardization. The exhibition showroom of Cassina is based on this basic assumption and it is intended as a place that embodies the expression of contemporary modernity. The space is transformed into a theater piece where the furniture in the collection LC Cassina is staged and shown to the public through the filter of the windows with interactive media. In this way, by almost dreamlike means of a dematerialization process, the furnishings are imagined to become iconic objects. The typical setting of the twenties of the twentieth century and the poetic figurative of Le Corbusier will be recreated by means of interactive projections (video mapping): these are everyday objects (furniture, vases, baskets, bottles, jugs, cups etc.) but also men and women in period costumes in real dimensions. All these images will interact with visitors in the showroom.