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The traditional Native American tent is the starting point for the examination of the concept of a contemporary dwelling. Through the TEPEE, we propose a personal reinterpretation of this ancient “form of living”, Reflecting on how it represents the symbol of architecture’s evolution in time.
This primordial notion of shelter, compressing into narrower urban and social spaces still survive, transforming, deconstructing and reducing the concept of dwelling to its essence: The project, like a nomadic village, fits and integrates with the natural landscape, an architecture that preserves distant memories becoming a spiritual and symbolic value for the entire humanity.The structural elements connected to one another in a random way facilitates the use of clean energy sources, taking advantage of the strong winds, used to run a micro wind power system positioned on the top of the walls, and generous rainfalls, by collecting the rainwater on the perimeter at the base of the walls in a tank used for the pool, that also acts as a flood control system. The descent velocity of water produces electricity by means of micro water blades at the base of the walls, integrated by photovoltaic cells on top of glass covering. Moreover, the project facilitates natural ventilation and solar protection thanks to the shading effect provided by the walls. Natural light penetrates and marks any corner of the architecture, transforming the look of the
building during the day and in different seasons, becoming a permanent installation itself.