Gucci hosted the presentation of the Federico Delrosso architects monograph “Pushing the Boundaries”

Thursday November 28th the Brera’s Gucci flagship hosted the presentation of Federico Delrosso Architects “Pushing the Boundaries” (edited by Skira).

This is the first monograph dedicated to the architect and designer Federico Delrosso and a text which reaches the end of a cycle represented by his work over the last 20 years. Influenced by modernists like Gio Ponti and Le Corbusier, without forgetting the lessons of August Ferdinand Moebius in constant dialogue between internal and external , the work of  Delrosso represents the passing of the baton between past and present, while keeping away from quotations and easy nostalgia.

After a brief conversation conducted by the curator of the volume Porzia Bergamasco, Delrosso autographed copies of the guests’ books in the Vip area dedicated to Made to Measure.

December 2013