Pushing the Boundaries: the new monograph of Federico Delrosso

Architecture. Monographs
Porzia Bergamasco
Federico Delrosso Architects
Spostando il limite / Pushing the Boundaries

With the outlook of one who is largely self-taught, the Biella-born architect Federico Delrosso displays that constant transition of testimony between yesterday and today. Far frombeing nostalgic or derivative, his work affirms a solid sense of the here and now. It manifests his open conviction in the contemporary, which means connecting and constantly merging the things that surround him and arouse his curiosity. Things that catch his attention, things that trigger a new passion. He transforms signs and stylistic elements, repurposing and revamping them, applying a requisite global outlook that is more concrete than speculative, which he adopts to dominate and visualise an idea. He shuns being tied down to set reference points. And yet, while free of dominant influences, his personal design trajectory betrays a deference to the modern masters – with Gio Ponti, Ernesto Nathan Rogers and Le Corbusier in the fore – whose idea of the architect was someone who designed “from the spoon to the town”, and whose work pivoted constantly on an inquiry into space, which was inherited by Richard Meier. The quest to define a single continuous surface runs uninterrupted through contemporary architecture, as do the studies of the famous Moebius strip. Ever mindful of context and surroundings, be they natural or urban, and of the “spirit of place”, Delrosso aims to inject reality and real value into his work with clarity of intent and expression: this is thebasis of an organic understanding, not in the style, but in the premises.
This first monograph coming up as a accomplishment of  20 years cycle of residential and commercial projects and design works.

2013, bilingual (italian-english)
24 x 28 cm, 184 pages
222 colours and 12 b/n, hardcover
ISBN 978-88-572-1982-0

November 2013