fd 301 – tables
product by henrytimi

With their slightly different surface areas (by a few centimetres) and corner splays, these two tables can be neatly stacked and form a pair that can be adapted as needs require. The larger of the two measures 90 by 92 centimetres, the smaller 90 by 88, by which they fit snugly on top of each other (if rotated 90 degrees) and are a doddle to separate, too.When placed side-by-side, the opposing splays of their legs match snugly to make a single leg, as it were. More than a table, the combo is like a bridge, a threshold or access to somewhere. An instinctive component of the environment. For any item of furniture he designs, Delrosso takes the architect’s approach: the solutions chosen help define the host space, and affirm a certain autonomy. At any event, each design is also an experiment, in this case with the material PaperStone™ and its properties, which was utilised for a limited number, and will be subsequently replaced by painted aluminium for the serial production.

upper table dimensions: p 90 cm x L 91 x h 73 cm
lower table dimensions: p 90 cm x L 89cm x h 73 cm