fd 201 – seat
product by henrytimi

This is basically the padded version of FD101, in which the metal sheeting gives way to either a hi-tech textile or leather, affording a flexible range for interiors or outdoors. It maintains its ample dimensions (90 x 90 x h 65/32.5 cm; and 90 x 135 h 65/32.5 cm for the chaise-longue) and vaunts the attention to detail typical of the handcrafted item. Innately sensual, the Extra chair gives the idea of informal seating a touch of added comfort as it welcomes and complies with the user’s body movements. In compliance with Delrosso’s intentions, the piece is at once versatile and minimal, but also engaging. The design materialised while Delrosso was working on the single-family villas in Vandorno, and were closely tied to the surroundings, and to the rapport between interior and exterior.

dimensions: 90 cm x 90 cm x h65/32.5 cm