fd401 – coffee table
product by henrytimi

Delrosso’s signature form of minimalism is never cold or austere. It engenders reassuring, timeless forms that are easily understood and display an untethered spirit of composition.Witness these mini circular tables only 12 centimetres high and 48 across. They can be stacked to create different heights or to stash them away when not in use, or they can be used on their own, and even as little seats. Each unit is composed of a lacquered aluminium band in a variety of colours, and topped with a thin slate of stone of matching hue. If arranged in a single room they generate chromatic archipelagos. If scattered through different rooms they foster a pleasant sense of continuity. Either way, they remain inanimate objects and invite interaction with the user.

size of the single module: 12cm h x 48 cm diameter