DREAMING THE REAL at Milano Design Film Festival 2018

During the 6th Milano Design Film Festival, which will take place in Milan on 25th-28th October 2018, architect Federico Delrosso will present “DREAMING THE REAL”.


The film, directed by Luca De Santis and curated by Davide Giannella, narrates the one and a half year journey around the visions and imaginations developed by Federico Delrosso in a 20-year career. Built around the work site of Teca House, the narration broadens weaving together images, thoughts and inspirations both on a professional and a personal level, describing from
the inside and, in a completely new way, the approach, aptitude and design methods of the Biellese architect. Dreaming the Real is the portrait of Federico Delrosso, his work, passions and interpretation of a profession whose technical and human aspects coexist and merge in a continuous exchange.


“The objective I always set for myself both in life and in my profession is to dream rationally.
Dreaming the impossibile is too easy, dreaming with your feet on the ground implies an awareness without which there would be no real motivation.” Federico Delrosso


Click here to see the film trailer

Teca House, with the project Work in progress, was presented last May on the occasion of the XXVI Biennale di Architettura in Venice, within the exhibition Time space existence, currently taking place until November 25th at Palazzo Mora.


Owner: TETI S.r.l.

Architecture: Federico Delrosso Architects

Engineering: AI Progetti

Mechanicals: Studio Bonomi

Construction: Panuccio Costruzioni



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september 2018