house eb – mendrisio CH

Structural scenographies
A word Delrosso often slips into the conversation when talking about his conception of the home is “exoskeleton”. It is easy to see why this refurbishment project involved additions both vertically and horizontally, anchored by masonry partitions and with the addition of an external metal framework. The new walls in Trani stone provide a slightly subversive sense of thrust, the gentle tapering suggesting a residue of the previous masonry and generating new force lines. The metal framework imposes the new signature to the façade, orchestrating the various structural, functional, and insulation features. The new design subverts the previous compositional scheme, triggering a radical transformation that involves a mutual interaction of the internal energies with the place, giving entirely different life prospects to the new “organism” created. The swimming pool is the mirror that reflects and amplifies outdoor activities. The project as a whole encapsulates the basic principle by which the functions of a building affect the architecture. The clients’ needs were clearly pointed in this direction for a space tailored to their lifestyle that corresponded to the new aesthetic identity of the house they had just purchased.

photo credits: Luca Desantis