app av – montecarlo MC

Everything grew out of the fusion and radical restructuring of three existing apartments in an early 20th-century building in the heart of Montecarlo. The first act was the creation of a new staircase, completely independent of the condominium stairs. For this apartment, laid out with a specific family vacation, I decided to differentiate the first levels in a generational key. The first floor, the most ‘crowded’, is devoted to the children. The second, more intimate and compact, is for the parents. The third floor is instead designed for living together and hospitality, hence the living room and kitchen. It ends with a loft space where informal and compact space becomes a place of happy anarchy for relations and activities: partly study and partly leisure area.
With this division of space, I have created a home with reverse vertical development. The entrance is at the top, on the third floor, holding the living room and loft. Descending we come to the most private areas (night/study): the second floor for parents and youngest children, and the first with direct access from the condominium stairwell, the floor devoted to the older and more independent children.

total area: 212 sqm
photo credits: Fausto Mazza