Flexible spaces in Berlin by Federico Delrosso

Mitte is the heart of Berlin, a cosmopolitan district that expresses the bold spirit of the city. Walking along its streets, eyes are fixed on the expressionist architecture with dark red brick facade buildings admired for its meticulous beauty attracting one’s attention.

The impressive construction is Metropol Park, where Studio Delrosso is creating a boarding house characterized by living spaces that blend design and architecture.

This intervention, which began with the design phase in the early 2017, is now under construction and will be completed by the spring of 2018.

The projects highlights the need to create more flexible spaces adapting to the different uses in a home- an intimate shelter, workspaces, convivial spaces- using sliding or removable walls opening spaces within spaces while ensuring the privacy required in the most secluded areas.

The clean and neutral cutting of the volumes / furniture allows, in dialogue with the external architecture, to accentuate this linear setting that is comfortable and warm through careful selection of materials and finishes. The neutrality will allow the users to personalize the space while keeping intact the essence of the project aimed at restoring a sense of intimacy and recognition.

The Interior Design project, initiated by Federico Delrosso, demonstrates the need for living spaces that are essentially antithesis of urban artifacts. This is also possible through the use of natural and rough materials such as wood, stone, iron and concrete. These, coupled with a few, simple and selected elements, are able to convey a sense of belonging to the metropolitan context and at the same time favor a reunion with nature, a real return to home.

October 2017