app ab – biella IT

Sophisticated contemporary hospitality
No decorative licence was taken with the sophisticated atmosphere valorised by the unitary feel of this project structured along two central axes which provide the backbone for panels and bookshelves that both connect and divide the rooms. Once again we have one of Delrosso’s favourite themes of sliding partitions that modify an ambience as structural elements in continuous movement. Pivoting on a central hinge, the fullheight doors disappear from view, accentuating the sense of fluidity and freedom in the flow-lines while maintaining the distinctions between the different zones of the house. The plentiful daylight is replaced at nightfall by the system of recessed units lighting the ceilings throughout the apartment of around 300 square metres, transforming it into a starry firmament. The minimalist and keenly contemporary slant was requested by this couple of Biella industrialists, who decided to move to the city from their country house, which in contrast has a distinctly classical flavour.

photo credits: Luca Desantis