applique lamp

Relieving the aesthetic weight of metal and capitalizing on the slimness of the sheets to create a light volume has also led a new lamp created as a flat, reflective screen. SHADE applique lamp take its name from its mirror sheet who appears to be floating on the light of the wall while its shadow shields our eyes. It consists of a simple strip of mirror that screens the light source, spreads its glow and meanwhile reflects the setting. Delrosso’s beguiling wall-light weaves a path between surprise and the unexpected. By reflecting the things around it, the device acts as a neutral protagonist, living off its own light emission and the shadows it captures fleetingly as things pass before it. It resembles a gash or slit, a canny mixture of mass and void, an object that is both indefinite and precise. A living object that lives in interaction.

materials and finishes: mirror and metal
size: 100mm x 500mm
light source: Led
brand: Davide Groppi