edicola sartori – biella IT

The project explores the theme of a tomb, an intimate place carved into the rock for meditation and prayer.

A monolithic block of stone cut into three equal pieces, two containing the niches, while the central one, dematerialized, can be partially opened.

The cuts are natural light sources that “zenithally” illuminate the two walls of niches or tombstones.


On the inside white marble; pure and candid, and Black Ocean that evokes the spirituality of the place.

A small altar in the back end for meditation and prayer, detached from the wall, a pillar with the names and dates of deceased relatives.

Altogether a tranquil, highly symbolic and suggestive place of respect.

A candle, engraved on marble, marks the location of the crucifix, adds warmth to the Chapel, as if the fire with its light was a living being driving the soul upwards, towards spirituality.