meter spa – robassomero IT

At the Robassomero (TO) the head office of Meter spa headquarters, an international company specializing in the design and production of roller and ball bearings, Delrosso has revisited the office spaces located on two opposite sides of an industrial 90’s warehouse.

Always sensitive to the needs and quality of life of people, the request of the client  was to create harmonious and organized environments, in respect of logistical needs of various departments and paying particular attention to the details in line with the precision of the company product.

The guidelines of the project have been developed focusing in the creation of a contemporary setting with minimal furniture and glass partition walls, combined with the iconic Kinesit chairs by Arper. The project wanted to highlight the industrial and essential spirit of the building preserving the original prefabricated concrete structure, which has been left exposed as well as the technical systems then painted black on the ceiling. The floor area, as well as steps of staircase, are finished with tatami by Bolon. These staircase are incorporated into a structure made of natural and waxed iron plates.

The result is an open space environment with defined operating area in order to give to users, while in direct contact, the quiet and privacy required.

area: 400 mq
photo credits: Jacopo Spilimbergo