Kistè at Centrale dell’Acqua di Milano

“Melting glaciers that turn into water, flowing water that erodes moutains generating rivers and lakes, stone that becomes again container.”


Kistè, project by Federico Delrosso for Henrytimi, is a stone cistern with double function, water container and seat.
The artwork is part of the exhibition “Che cos’è una cisterna per un artista?” by Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte , a selection of art installation in exhibited in the spaces of the Centrale dell’Acqua in Milan.


For the exhibition, 40 Italian and international artists were invited to work on the subject of the  cistern, seen as a container to store and preserve water and liquids, but also exploring its symbolic and hidden meanings.
The exhibition is site specific and interacts with the spaces of the Centrale dell’Acqua and its surroundings, recalling the history of water and its efficient management in the city of Milan.


One year after Purifying walk, the installation for the open-air exhibition space DepurArt Lab Gallery, a new collaboration for Federico Delrosso with Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte and Museo Acqua Franca.

dicembre 2018