Dining Tank
Dining by Design
New York 2013

Ever inspired by the ubiquitous clusters of water towers dotting New York City’s skyline, Federico began distilling a concept to expand the use of this iconic element. Envisioning a world above a world, separate from the bustle below, yet still intertwined, this new vision for the city doesn’t call for the creation of any new buildings, but instead, turns it’s attention to those areas yet untapped.
Reclaiming and enhancing the enormous expanse of space on New York City rooftops, Delrosso’s plan outlines a visionary proposal, not only to increase the usability of existing real estate to meet ever expanding needs, but to create highly sustainable and self supporting green spaces, replete with urban gardens and greenhouses and layered water tanks with habitable spaces.
The latter inspired Federico Delrosso’s creation for this years Diffa Dining by Design. Now in it’s 16th year, this event, held in conjunction with the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, remains one of the most important on the design calendar.
Assembling talent from every facet of the creative world – interior designers, architects, floral and landscape designers, graphic artists, clothing and product designers, artist, musicians and celebrities – Diffa’s Dining by Design brings together only the best of the best to create spectacular and dazzling displays.
Federico’s installation revisits this rooftop vision, creating an intimate yet sophisticated “dining room” within an actual water tower. Custom built by Rosenwach, one of the nations primary water tower companies, specifically for this event, the structure, crafted from Red Cedar and featuring several newproducts by Federico Delrosso, will be a feast for the senses.
Illuminated by Nulla pin lights by Davide Groppi, the surface of Delrosso’s striking Mobius Table, which was built, along with the seating by Italian Finest Custom Creation NYC, will be the unveiling of Marmocode, an exotic and beautiful new marble surface evocative of a bar code pattern. Created by Ariotti Marmi with a special process of connecting small pieces on end vertically and then painstakingly cutting horizontal slabs, the result is unlike anything available. Completing this spectacular setting will be tableware by Pandora Design.
Diffa, which stands for Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids, hosts this remarkable event as one of it’s chief fundraisers, and Diffa is proud to be among the top 50 funders of HIV/AIDS programs in the United States.