contaminazioni istanbul
Istanbul Design Week-End
June 18th – 21st 2009

After the launch during the Milan Fuori Salone 2009 the Contamina seats go to Istanbul Design Week-End and enlarge with a new model that pays tribute to the Ottoman culture.
Design is a thought that at times produces beneficial contaminations, above all when it succeeds in involving topics and subjects different from the traditional players in the design sector. “While I was working on the design of the Contamina seats,” says Federico Delrosso “I was already thinking about the cultural variations of design in different countries, about collaborating with an artist, and the emotiveness of the designer who, like children, takes the design “game” very seriously. This process gave rise to the concept CONTAMINAZIONI which arrives today to the Istanbul Design Week-End in collaboration with the Turkish company Barbo Furniture.”
“The Contamina seats represent the cultural variety of the 5 continents. Their form derives from a truncated pyramid, an iconic, almost primordial line. I’ve already repeated the “seat-form” in different materials, colours, finishes… but for the Istanbul stage I decided to pay tribute to the Ottoman cultural heritage with a new model, quoting on it some peculiar and wellknown Ottoman signs.” The voids and solids of the seats and the possibility of creating a series of minilandscapes (almost three-dimensional puzzles) offer cues for playing with the object. So, during the Milan Fuori Salone, I thought to involve some children and the seats Contamina to be protagonists of the performance imagined by the artist Giovanni Manfredini, at the NhowHotel in via Tortona.”
“I think this work can be considered complete only if it does not exclude less fortunate children. For this reason some pieces of the collection will be sold in a charity auction and all the takings will be donated to the Save the Children association.” FD