The proposed project aims to reorganize the complex of existing buildings, also in relation to those of imminent and future construction, transforming this particular and suggestive site into a system of functions connected not only to sports tourism but also to the cultural history of a unique mountain context.

From the point of view of energy consumption, the proposal is to maintain a holistic approach focusing on the issues of water supply and passive heating.

The concept is inspired by the fascinating mountain panorama surrounding the Plateau Rosà.

The design proposal lies in the combination of natural elements that will transform the existing building into a synthesis of the landscape.

The verticality of the mountains, together with the pyramidal shape of the Matterhorn evoke the archetypal typology of the tepee, the tent, the first ancestral shelter, and refuge par excellence, always declined in the mountain environment as base camps for hikers or alpine bivouacs.

Another element of strong suggestion is the conformation of the ice, with its constantly changing reflections. Energy self-sufficiency, therefore, becomes a necessity, declared by the difficulty of finding resources: the “sails”, signs of the ancient tepees, will protect the existing volume and, through the insertion of technological systems, will provide for the water supply and electric.

The large polygonal window facing the Matterhorn, a powerful analogy of the shape of the glacier and at the same time an instrument for capturing the natural heat of the sun.

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