the ultra_narrow floor plank designed for Tabu
“SLIM35mm has been created and designed in keeping with the current trend” explains Federico Delrosso. “Whilst the wood industry has remained settled in the past years with floor planks of large dimensions, I looked at the other end of the spectrum, into designing a product that can offer new solutions in terms of architecture and furnishing. I just wanted to create a fluid effect, like that of a running film. The 35mm width is in fact the same width as used in traditional motion pictures but, on the other hand, this wood veneer is a product made from high quality material. SLIM35mm is a very narrow floor plank which makes the best use of these reputable types of wood. The final effect of a floor made with these planks resembles something very solid and very well structured, as found in the floorings of early vessels; with such a narrow width, it is possible to create a more intricate pattern that can fit into uneven spaces and that can dress any object or surface. I designed the Tabu stand for the 2013 MADE Expo Milan exhibition, keeping in mind the paramount importance of the performance of the product, using it for the flooring, the furnishing, the walls and the ceilings. SLIM35mm can create a highly natural look and is a very interesting product for the area”

dimensions: 35 mm x 1000/1500 mm

photo credits: Luca Desantis