moebius – table and seating
product by henrytimi

Moebius alludes to the bond formed between people at table together, a sort of imaginary ribbon of energy. The element that gives its name to the project is the unusual concave central structure, present on the table and seats. The groove, just like the Moebius strip, runs along all the furnishings and ideally connects them. The line is imaginary and visible at the same time. While drawing that ideal circle in which the diners are brought together for the more or less brief duration of a meal, the line/groove also has a material function: it accommodates a series of stone accessories such as the cutting board and containers for the wine, water and bread consumed during meals. Conforming to the form of the black plywood table, the black stone accessories can also render its surface perfectly coplanar.

table dimensions: 230cm x 80cm x h 73cm
seating dimensions: 42cm x 42cm x h 45cm
photo credits: Fausto Mazza