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A single-cell organism divided into two volumes structurally identical and internally similar but opposite. This is the project for the restructuring and interiors of twin lofts, in the post-industrial Milan of 2007. The work turned in fact on a former factory in the southern part of Milan, once an industrial outer suburb and today a residential district.
Twin lofts, with the same design as the internal spaces, because they were created by the dividing a single one long sleeve-shaped space lengthwise. The ground floors of the two lofts, for example, each comprise the mirrored halls, open kitchens, and the apertures onto the small private gardens, a long table with high seating, a bathroom and the staircase that goes up to the floors above. In the second loft, by contrast, I dematerialized the staircase using crystal for the treads and transforming the supporting structure into a simple white stepped line (painted iron) which developed upwards. The bathroom is here an independent volume, somewhat mysterious, internally dark but with a surprise opening set high up. Kitchen top in glossy steel and white lacquer and wengé for the cabinets. Symmetries and variations are also interlaced on the upper floors. On the first floor a portion of glass flooring, to provide a glimpse of the kitchens below, but in this loft this detail is enhanced because it is repeated over the shower in the ground-floor bathroom. On the second floor the sleeping quarters of the second loft, instead has a large white roundish bathtub, some elements derived from the world of fashion, like the silver and fuchsia chair, and a highly distinctive walk-in wardrobe in wengé wood with a mirror insert.
The top level of the attic, it is a wellness space with small private gym.

photo credits: Matteo Piazza

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