La Thuile – Les Suches IT

Federico Delrosso engages with the project of a house in the mountains, minimal and perfectly integrated into the Alpine landscape of the Aosta Valley, located at over 2,000 meters high on the slopes of Mont Blanc in the La Thuile valley – Les Souches.

The renovation project of a rustic stone cottage has produced a new compact architectural volume that enhances the expressive power of the dry stone primary structure, typical of high mountain constructions, here certainly reworked.

The building has the primary stone envelope that contains the roof structure, which discharges to the ground on the main front with a vertical scan. This, in turn, is continued on the rear floor with full-height windows that offer a spectacular opening to the mountain landscape. The orientation of the building offers the most astonishing views.

“The house was built adjacent to a project by the architect Carlo Mollino (Casa Olivero 1962) unique in the La Thuile valley. The design intervention could not ignore the dialogue with the work of the great master. I, therefore, focused on a more compact and contemporary form with a well-defined identity inspired by the landscape of the surrounding mountains ” says Federico Delrosso.

photo credits: Jacopo Spilimbergo