fd 102 – armchair
product by henrytimi

Another testament to Delrosso’s application of innovative materials: the black plywood, dyed through the layers, was created exclusively for HENRYTIMI by the Cantù-based firm Tabu specialising in veneers of natural, tinted, and multinatural woods. The material in question does not require any further treatment for the finished product, a characteristic that prompted a first application for a small armchair (56.8 x 56.8 x h 67 cm) sporting a sober silhouette. “I attempted to convey the idea of an untreated material, including in the overall design. In fact the piece is featureless because, given that raw materials express themselves through the way they are worked, this object is also a ‘raw’ in that respect, and will reveal its spirit in the course of daily use.” The units are devised to be stacked, and hence are particularly adaptable to both domestic and public settings.

dimensions: 56.8 cm x 56.8 cm x h 67 cm